Now Available: Water the Mud

Water the Mud: poems by Joel E. JacobsonI’m pleased to announce that “Water the Mud”, a chapbook of 11 poems exploring grace and compassion, is now available for purchase. These poems first took form this past summer when I collaborated with artist Nicole Brown to respond to a series of sermons about Jesus, the stories he told, and the people he interacted with. “Water the Mud” is available here. If you would like free shipping, you can purchase a copy of the book through Amazon or download it straight to your Kindle.

As a side note, this chapbook is not copyrighted, but rather it is released under a Creative Commons license, which means you, the reader, have the freedom to use these poems to inspire your own creative work, whether it be musical, visual, or another poem. The only requirement is to credit the original author. Isn’t that what art is about–sharing and creating rather than hording?


Check out my newest poem, “Hunting“, in the latest issue of Catapult Magazine. I apologize for not posting any other blogs besides announcements, but a new baby at home and a new prep at school kind of take a lot of time. At least I’m getting to know King Lear and Othello in the process. (Side note: The Tempest is coming out this fall…looks kinda creepy but kinda cool).